Welcome to my website! I am a PhD researcher at the EU Horizon project Reignite Multilateralism via Technology (REMIT) coordinated by Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I am also the Co-Founder of Saint Pierre Center for International Security (SPCIS) where I lead the Critical Security Lab and ChinaDigiopedia. My research interests include tech policy, network analysis, China’s diplomacy, and critical security studies. I am particularly interested in questions related to (1) the advocacy coalitions and policy-oriented learning in China’s (tech) policy decision-making process, (2) China’s participation in global tech governance, and (3) China’s discourse and narratives of its global rise. I received my Research Master in International Studies from Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals in June 2023.

My (co-)work has been published in several academic journals and media, including Latin American Research Review, The Diplomat, Panoramas, and Opinion China. Before co-founding SPCIS, my previous working experiences cross academic institutions and think tanks, including Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, Intellisia Institute, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, and Inter-American Dialogue. I also participated in the National-Building Dataset at ETHNICGOODS, an ERC-funded research project focusing on the relationship between ethnic diversity and public goods provision.

Besides academic work, I enjoy playing badminton, sparing time with cats, and reading Wuxia. Please feel free to reach me at hengyi.yang@maastrichtuniversity.nl for academic discussion or at hengyiyang@spcis.org for business cooperation.